Product Name:3,5-Dichloro-2-pyridinecarboxylic acid

IUPAC Name:3,5-dichloropyridine-2-carboxylic acid

Molecular Formula:C6H3Cl2NO2
Catalog Number:CM105391
Molecular Weight:192

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CAS NO:81719-53-1
Molecular Formula:C6H3Cl2NO2
Melting Point:-
Smiles Code:O=C(C1=NC=C(Cl)C=C1Cl)O
Catalog Number:CM105391
Molecular Weight:192
Boiling Point:315.4°C at 760 mmHg
MDL No:MFCD03230005
Storage:Store at 2-8°C.

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Pyridine is a six-membered heterocyclic compound containing one nitrogen heteroatom. Pyridine and piperidine are the most frequently occurring heterocyclic building blocks in drug molecules. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 180 drugs containing pyridine or piperidine structure that have been marketed, nearly 1/5 of the drugs approved for marketing in recent years contain these two structures.
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Pyridine is a basic heterocyclic organic compound with the chemical formula C5H5N. It is structurally related to benzene, with one methine group (=CH−) replaced by a nitrogen atom. It is a highly flammable, weakly alkaline, water-miscible liquid with a distinctive, unpleasant fish-like smell.

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