Product Name:(1,3-benzoxazol-2-ylthio)acetic acid

IUPAC Name:2-(1,3-benzoxazol-2-ylsulfanyl)acetic acid

Molecular Formula:C9H7NO3S
Catalog Number:CM112644
Molecular Weight:209.22

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CAS NO:58089-32-0
Molecular Formula:C9H7NO3S
Melting Point:-
Smiles Code:O=C(O)CSC1=NC2=CC=CC=C2O1
Catalog Number:CM112644
Molecular Weight:209.22
Boiling Point:
MDL No:MFCD00463910

Category Infos

Benzoxazole is an aromatic organic compound with a molecular formula of C7H5NO, a benzoxazole ring structure, and an odor similar to pyridine. Although benzoxazole itself has little practical value, many benzoxazole derivatives are commercially important. As heterocyclic compounds, benzoxazoles are used in research as starting materials for the synthesis of larger, often biologically active structures. Its aromaticity makes it relatively stable, although as a heterocycle it has an active site that enables it to be functionalized.

Column Infos

Benzo Heterocycles
Benzoheterocycles are heterocycles which are fused with a benzene ring. Coumarone, thianaphthene, benzopyridine, isoquinoline, and dibenzopyridine all belong to this class of compounds.

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